Tucked away in my bag

001 (3)

This is what I had as my pencil pouch for most of the last semester of my sophomore year. I loved it. Every class I would take it out, set it on my desk, zip it open and get my pen or pencil out.

My Pencil/Pen Schedule:

1st: Phycology Pen

2nd: Biology- Pen

3rd: Pre-Calc- Pencil

4th: History- Pen

5th: English- Pen

6th: Art- Pencil

7th: Spanish- Pen

Of course, this was subject to change if I couldn’t find a sharp pencil or working pen.

But I used it every day. EVERYDAY. And pretty soon it started looking like this at the bottom:005

However, if I covered it up with my pens and pencils it looked nice and neat..ish, but I decided one day to make a new pouch, I didn’t consider the diminishing amount of school days. I Googled a tutorial and found one at Annie Get Your Glue Gun. Using the tutorial, and an old Hawaiian shirt of my dads, and some leftover fabric, I created a new pouch, with a month and a half of school left.006009

I sat it on my desk and pulled out my pen or pencil every day. It sat through finals, fully stocked with working pens and freshly sharpened pencils.

Schools out now, this little guy is tucked away in my bag, along with my notebook. Just perfect for jotting notes on the run.


  1. Rose, your pencil bag is most impressive, especially the zipper part, I’ve never put in a good zipper so I am always impressed by those who do.
    Nice thing about the shorts you will be making, they will fit you in such a manner that you will look like the examples on the pattern.
    Have fun