54-40 Fight

Mary and I worked on this house of cards for an afternoon until the wind was destroying the house faster than we could build it.

card houses, m and t soccer in backyard 015

I love it when there isn’t a a roof and you can see the little rooms, but it kept falling down in the wind.

card houses, m and t soccer in backyard 018

It reminds me of this Brady Bunch; 54-40 and Fight Episode.

card house

We tried again, inside instead, on Monday. Without the wind knocking it down, it grew much faster.

card houses 001

Gigantic, we had 3 people working on it. We only stopped because we didn’t have anymore cards!

card houses 002

But the best part was knocking it down.

card houses 008

But to clean up, we had to sort all the cards we used.

card houses 010


  1. Very Impressive!

  2. Did you count the number of cards you used? Could you two be on the road to getting a Guiness World Record start???

    • Nope, only the number of decks as we used them. I’ve seen the Guiness World Record Card House, in pictures, and it is 20+ stories high!