I finished a collage a couple of days ago. Because it’s junior year for me, the focus is college, visits, brochures, research, and decisions. This is made from the dozens of college ads I’ve got. I call them ads because they only offer good advice if it pertains to their school.


There is a lot of decisions to make, I’ve got to start narrowing down the options.


  1. Sue Carlson says:

    Love the collage!
    So true about those ads. Very pretty pictures don’t tell the whole story. The best way to know is to go…visit, that is. And ask LOTS of questions and sit in on classes and most of all, get a FEEL for the place. Ask yourself,”Do I see myself belonging here?”
    But you’re right about the first step: narrowing down the field. Thank goodness there are so many resources online to help with the sifting process. I won’t say, “Good luck!” because it”s not about luck, obviously. I”ll say instead, “Happy journey!” because it should be a process that challenges and takes you somewhere new in learning about yourself.

  2. i got a lot of ads from the same colleges too… like that Gustavus school. most of them i have never heard of.