My mom got her hair done last week, all pretty, straight, and smooth. So I messed around with it from dinner until dusk. This is the first and only good braid I complete. I t doesn’t look good from any angle but this one. But ohh this angle! It reminds me of a halo or a Greek crown.



  1. So sweet! Was this hard?

    • Not at all suprisingly, it would be really hard to do on your own head, but since i could just rotate around her head it was really easy.

  2. tiaraaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    your mom is a brunette?!?!?!?! Its a really pretty color though!

    • Yep, it’s been since summer. She posted about it on hairwashingisforsissies.com. When she first dyed it it wasn’t very brown, more blond, but now it’s way darker. Yah know, I think you’ve seen her hair before, but not this dark.