Section 1.3 Every Odd Problem.

Why do I love all the doodles I do in my math book? And when I open my sketchbook I can’t do a thing?

doodleincalcnb (1)

doodleincalcnb (2)

Maybe it’s because I am concentrating so hard on my math, that when I take a break to draw, I’m not thinking about making the doodle look like the picture in my head because there isn’t one.

Or maybe it’s murphy’s law.


  1. Ah Rose,
    I wonder if as your logical math brain side (can’t remember exactly which side that is) concentrates your creative brain side is saying, “hey don’t forget me, I’m here too. See what I can do?” and the creativity flows onto your page. When the sketch pad comes out the creative brain says “I don’t work on a fixed time schedule, try me when your not thinking of all the other things you should be doing”. Just a thought.