Nailed it.

Striped nail polish! I did my nails and then Mary wanted to do it. So I helped her and took pictures along the way.

Nails (13)

WARNING: Give yourself lots of time to get this done, I did one layer and then did the others later in the day so I wasn’t stuck with the nail polish stink for so long.

Nails (2)

Step 0: Clean nails… obviously, so it’s not going to count as a step.

Nails (3)

Step 1: Bottom layer painted.

Nails (4)

Step 2: Give the first layer plenty extra time to dry. Not wet, or tacky at all. Tape a line up to a third of your nails.

Nails (5)

Step 3: Paint above the tape with the second color.

Nails (6)

Step 4: Wait for a minute or so and peel off the tape slowly and downwards.

Nails (8)

Step 5: Clear coat

Nails (9)

Step 6: Again let dry. Give them lots of time. Then tape again and paint with the third.

Step 7: Pull the tape off again after a minute or so.

Step 8: Clear coat.

Nails (12)

And you’re done! There is so many different combinations of colors. And they’ll all look good!

Nails (14)

I think mine looks like sherbet but I’ve heard that they’re Easter colors too. I can’t wait for Halloween, I’m going to try candy corn colors; orange, yellow, white!

For even crazier nail art visit The Dainty Squid and search nails on her site. She comes up with wacky designs regularly. And they’re so fun and colorful!


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