It’s the beginning of the rainy season. I love it. Last weekend when it was pouring, Mary and I went out and picked flowers to press. It was very festive, we wore rain boots, coats, and carried an umbrella. We were one of the few people out, and we walked around the neighborhood picking flowers. We had sneaky picking down. When we saw a bush that had lots of flowers on it, we would smell the flowers, or admire them, while plucking a stem casually. Or we would walk by, pretending not to notice the flowers, and stick our hand out to grab one.




Aren’t they gorgeous?


We lay them out of paper towels to they could dry and so we could pull any extra leaves off.


Then we loaded them into tissue paper pages.



And pressed them a little before we but them into big books.


Alice and Wonderland, and a craft book were sufficient. Then we put them under a big heavy basket on the bookshelf and tried to forget about them.


Here are some old pressed flowers, these ones above are a year are more old. It’s amazing to hold up the biggest flower and look at it full on. It looks 3D, but when you turn it 90 degrees it’s almost gone. Reminds me of Flat Stanley.


But these I did this summer, and they still smell good. I cant wait to open these new flowers in a couple of months, it’s the best part!