Sometimes I wear a headscarf. But I call it my turban. I wear them a lot when I come home from school and want my hair out of my face.




I had read this post to learn how to tie the scarf first. But then this showed up on my feeds from a blog I just started following, AB Chao. The video picks up the pace after a minute and a half and from there, it is hilarious. Even this time, when I watched it a second time after finding the post, I laughed, and not just in my head.019

I feel like a 50’s mom when I wear this!


  1. Rose, have you ever seen I Love Lucy? That is who you remind me of. You crack me up! ~ Karin

    • I’ve seen a parts of a few. I saw one were she’s in oldland scotland or something and they’re going to eat her. I think she was dreaming. But I’ve liked what I saw! Thanks.