Red Cross

But more like blue cross.

Clubs are starting their meetings this time of year. I went to a Red Cross Club meeting two weeks ago and got a registration sheet handed to me, but I wasn’t there to be in the club, so I started doodling. I had been in the club for freshmen and sophomore year and every time, I had to quit the club once softball conditioning or practice took up my afterschool hours. And I wasn’t very involved, and it was a new club, so we didn’t do much.


But I was there to vote for my friend, who was running for VP. So I took the registration sheet and started working on it during the transition time.

I quickly started with the red cross shape on the back of the sheet. I filled it first with band aids, and then medicine. Medicine was fun to draw and I kept adding different types of pills, but it got to be a challenge to come up with different shapes. And as the cross started filling up I decided to turn it into a medicine bottle, it has the measurements going down the side, the lid, and the label, which decoratively shows a bunch of crosses. I really like it, it was fun because normally when I doodle, it’s a scratch in the margins of my paper, but with this I actually thought about what I was doing and created something presentable. But having to wait 15 minutes for the bus afterwards helps that thinking process work it’s way through.


  1. I think you should submit it to the club and it could be their logo. I love the creativity and message of this drawing.