Homecoming 2011

Ashley asked me to make the crowns for the homecoming queen and king. They had to look silver and they couldn’t look cheap, and I had to get them to her by Thursday. She asked me Friday night and the next Saturday, Dad got an urge to purge, but instead of cleaning the house, he pruned the wisteria. Yardwork (2)

I wish I had a before picture, this tree was overgrown, it was gorgeous though, the wall of leaves was thick, green and soft.

Yardwork (3)

If I remember right, the trunk of the tree has initials carved into it. Whoever carved them in carved them in a long time ago because it would have to be before we moved here 16 years ago.

Yardwork (14)

The pile is mostly made up of ivy, which was covering our chimney and windows. And we had another pile as big as this in front of the house too!


Yardwork (18)

Yardwork (20)


Yardwork (23)



Fast forward 4 days after they sat on the kitchen table and dried, and after that, I spray painted them silver.


Laurels (3)

Laurels (5)

King and Queen wore them during the assembly, both were wearing hats so they didn’t stay on very well, and they got taken off during the pumpkin relay. But I didn’t care, I had originally thought they were for the junior prince and princess, I had misread the text, and I was so excited that the king and queen wore them! And we won our homecoming game yesterday night! It was wet, cold, and fun!


  1. Cool crowns Rose.Now you will be part of your High School history. I’m sure the pictures of homecoming king and queen will live on forever. Good job.