I worked on these last weekend. They’re a lot of fun, I draw the person, and add their environment, and once I have that I look at what I have and come up with a funny story related to their facial expression or environment.

Broken Arm


The writings small on this one, it says:

“She’s begun to feel beautiful again. The first time since the amputation.”

And by amputation I mean her arm. And if you were wondering, she’s standing in front of a lamp store.

Comic inspiration

This one says:

“After leaving the beauty salon, she instantly regretted bring a cartoon as an inspirational photo.”

I was really stuck on the background, once I had her on stairs I was stuck.


This is my favorite story:

“Reaching into her bag, Becky looked at the dozing security guard. She grabbed he darts, her ex wasn’t gonna be the center of attention, in an art gallery of all things. Especially when she was the one who broke up with him anyways.”

Orange Face


What spurred this whole thing was me learning to draw people, the basic figure anyways. I haven’t mastered it, but I like that I get a different shape each time, it mixes up my drawings.


  1. Rose, these are fun! I love that you share your art and what inspires you!