I have been doing so much homework this week. Which is frustrating because it takes so much time and it’s my week off.



These are my sharpen-able pencils, interesting yes? This post is a mishmash of all my distractions.



Homework (3)

I set up my station, with much care, much more than I should’ve given it.Homework (4)

I worked for 20 minutes and then reset the timer. It’s a weird was to keep time, but it kept me working.

Light (1)Legs (1)

Here’s Mary’s arm. She has this doodle that she redraws almost every day.

M-Armdoodle (3)

R-11-23 (1)

R-11-23 (2)


R-11-23 (5)

Guess what, my homework still isn’t done.


  1. Love those sharp points on your pencils, what kind of sharpener do you have?

    Homework not done, there is always Sunday night.

  2. I don’t know how to describe it, they have them at schools though. I did get my math homework done, and I’m going to work on my history on Sunday night.