The Glass

Still excited about Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Now on the topic of glasses, I got some.

I’ve had glasses, 8th and 9th grade, but then I got contacts. I wear them daily because my old glasses didn’t have the right prescription any longer.

I wanted glasses for the afternoons and weekends, because I take my contacts out the second I get home. For the reasons (1) they irritate my eyes the longer I wear them, (2) I wear my pair of daily-wear contacts for up to a full week. I know, it’s not a good thing, but they’re only worn for six hours every day. And (3) because I don’t like having to put them in on the weekends because I am mostly in the house.

Glasses (5)




I can see clearly now my glasses are on.

I can see all the obstacles far away-ay.

I can see clearly now my glasses are on.

It’s gonna be a clear, clear clear, clear cle-e-ar da-a-ay!


  1. Cute.

  2. Rose, One of my high school graduation presents was contact lens, those were the early days of contact lens and they were hard lenses. I was so thrilled not to dependent on glasses(it was not cool to wear glasses in 1964) even though they irritated my eyes I kept wearing them. After about of year and a half of misery I stopped wearing them and did not even wear my old glasses. Finally got enough money saved to go get glasses and to this day I remember walking out of the ophthalmologist’s office and seeing EACH green leaf on a tree, instead of just a green blob. A world I had forgotten had been opened back up to me. I’ve been grateful for glasses ever since. I am glad you will now have good vision no matter the time of day.