Who: Me

What: 2 new patterns

Where: From Joann’s

And: SHOUTOUT to Margaret and Samantha, thanks for the Joann’s gift cards! This is what they were redeemed for:


I cannot wait to start these.


A Wednesday post? An on time, scheduled post? It’s been a long time hasn’t it?

I spent my last day of winter vacation making this collar. I used a tutorial on Casey’s blog. Quick and easy.

Collar (5)


Collar (1)

New Fabric!

A friend asked me to make her a pencil pouch like I had. She gave me the fabric from her own stash and let me keep the extra. (Thank you!!!)Pouch (1)

Pouch (2)

From left to right: Mine, Felicias’, and Marys’.

I got lots of fabric from Kelly. (Whoohoo!!!)



Fabric (5)

A lot.

Happy New Years!

The Smock

Class: Ceramics

Assignment- Bring the following to class by the 13th

      • Spiral Notebook
      • Pencil
      • Plastic Bag
      • Rag
      • A Smock

    Sunday I went to goodwill and bought a huge dress that I had seen earlier in the week. It was yellow with flowers all over it, it had arm holes down to my waist, and it had slits to my knees as it pooled around my feet. So I cut it off at the knees, and cut down the sides. They were hemmed, I attached two ties and it was ready. Mary took my photo and ran into the pool, savoring one of the last hot days of summer.

    the smock.. (3)

Perfect! Well, perfect enough to shield me from clay splatters. I got the shoes and the sweater on a goodwill visit too, and there’s the skirt again.

3 Inches Shorter

There was a moving sale in my neighborhood done by a family whom I’ve known since elementary school. There was a lot of vintage fabrics and clothes. The woman priced things based on the prices she could get on Ebay, so they were more expensive than normal garage sale prices. This skirt was 2 dollars and in need of alterations. I also wanted to get a large chunk of rose-colored fabric. But it was 40 dollars. No way. Back to the skirt; I sewed on a button and hemmed it 3 inches and VIOLA!This is now my favorite skirt ever. It can look vintage, it can look modern, it can look formal, it can look casual. No matter what though, it’s always comfortable. And at the end of the day the family came and gave me the chunk of fabric for free because it hadn’t sold. I’ve got very exciting plans for it. Can you say, another skirt?