Decades Day!

Spirit Week!

But my school celebrates spirit week haphazardly.

“I’m representing the 21st century” “I don’t own any neon!”

And our spirit days were

Monday: Blackout day. Dress in all black! I was surprised that more people didn’t participate in it because it’s so easy. And a completely ridiculous day 1 of 5. I wore white, intentionally.

Tuesday: Neon Day. Or bright colors. I positively hate neon. (realization: saying POSITIVE-ly HATE. Oxymoron.) But I wore bright colors.

Wednesday: Decades Day! A lot of 50’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 21st’s.

Thursday: Celebrity Day! I do not want to dress as someone else. And I didn’t participate.

Friday: Class Colors Day! This is always our Friday spirit day because we have a pep assembly.

This is my decades day prep.


PIN CURLS! part deux

Curls brushed out…

This dress is 30/40/50’s, from Goodwill. I had to repair the zipper, but it fits like a dream.


my AP tests are next week. Monday, Tuesday, and Friday.

Pull Tabs

It’s Thanksgiving Break. I am so happy.

smile (12)

Just a little note. I got this mug at goodwill last weekend for a dollar. I love it. It’s a lovely chocolate brown. Perfect.

smile (14)

Do you know of pull tab posters? They’re those posters tacked up on grocery store bulletin boards advertising dog walking or lawn mowing.

I made two posters and taped one up at school Wednesday. The idea came from the internet, I don’t remember where, it was a long time ago. But I taped one of the two up Wednesday morning. I watched people walk past it and not even look up until the bell rung. After 4th period it was gone, the whole thing. The only carnage was the tape left on the wall.

I was so mad. Why would one angry person end the whole poster? I was so excited to see the empty tabs, but I didn’t get to. Was everyone in a really bad mood? Did no one like this? I realize that my classmates could’ve taken the tabs before it was pulled off the wall. And what I finally came to believe was that all the tabs went quickly, and once the only thing left was the “Take a Smile” poster, a student just took whole poster.

Smile! (2)

Even though I was a little disappointed in the last poster, Thursday night I made another set.


These were a success. One was taken down, but the other had all it’s tabs pulled of by the end of the day. This is what I wanted to happen.

Just a little poster to put a little shine in the day.

I Bag You

Let’s start with my old bag. Purchased off EBay from China for maybe 12$. It was great for the first month, than the hardware started breaking. I dealt with it until it became unbearable, then I jerry-rigged it by I wrapping a pipe cleaner around the two D rings on one side and a using a huge key ring on the other.

oldBAG (1)

oldBAG (4)

It worked, but eventually the pipe cleaners’ wire popped out and snagged my sweaters, and the rings’ pivot would get caught in my hair. So recently I covered them in duct tape. Not brown, black, or some other neutral, but blue!

oldBAG (2)

It was broken AND none of my things fit in it. I had been looking for a new bag for a long time. My requirements were: a shoulder strap, strong hardware and big enough to hold my things.

oldBAG (3)

Yesterday I took a trip to the Salvation Army with my mom, I found some good stuff, I’ll show them on Wednesday. But on the next block was a Goodwill, so we stopped in there and looked around, the bag section was chaotic. Suitcases were thrown onto the shelves and a lot of them sat in the middle of the aisle. I contemplated getting a briefcase, but I knew I wouldn’t, it was fun to pretend though. We skimmed the store and sitting by the end of a Halloween isle was this bag!

newBAG (3)

It’s a Blue Carry-On Samsonite bag. I’ve seen them before and considered them, but they haven’t been in the greatest condition. All this needs is a good vacuum job in the pockets.

newBAG (1)

But most importantly, it fits all my stuff, easily! And it was only 7 dollars.

The Smock

Class: Ceramics

Assignment- Bring the following to class by the 13th

      • Spiral Notebook
      • Pencil
      • Plastic Bag
      • Rag
      • A Smock

    Sunday I went to goodwill and bought a huge dress that I had seen earlier in the week. It was yellow with flowers all over it, it had arm holes down to my waist, and it had slits to my knees as it pooled around my feet. So I cut it off at the knees, and cut down the sides. They were hemmed, I attached two ties and it was ready. Mary took my photo and ran into the pool, savoring one of the last hot days of summer.

    the smock.. (3)

Perfect! Well, perfect enough to shield me from clay splatters. I got the shoes and the sweater on a goodwill visit too, and there’s the skirt again.