The Smock

Class: Ceramics

Assignment- Bring the following to class by the 13th

      • Spiral Notebook
      • Pencil
      • Plastic Bag
      • Rag
      • A Smock

    Sunday I went to goodwill and bought a huge dress that I had seen earlier in the week. It was yellow with flowers all over it, it had arm holes down to my waist, and it had slits to my knees as it pooled around my feet. So I cut it off at the knees, and cut down the sides. They were hemmed, I attached two ties and it was ready. Mary took my photo and ran into the pool, savoring one of the last hot days of summer.

    the smock.. (3)

Perfect! Well, perfect enough to shield me from clay splatters. I got the shoes and the sweater on a goodwill visit too, and there’s the skirt again.