Efficient Sunday

It sure has been a while since I last posted. This week has been busy. A lot of studying, testing, and stress. There was a lot of fun too, but as I’m in the studying mode I can’t think of anything else.


Friday and Saturday were my days off. I did no homework and it was great. I sketched, put up Christmas decorations, we got our tree, and relaxed. But as the day dragged on, I got more and more stressed about the amount of homework I needed to do, and the lack of days I had to do it. So I made a schedule.


I have it all planned out on a piece of paper. Get up at 6:45, get dressed eat breakfast. 7:00-8:00, read chapter 19 for history. 8:00-8:10, break, eat, get dressed, get set up. 8:10-9:00, do chapter 19 online homework. 9:00-9:10, break, computer, get set up for math. Etcetera, etcetera, you get the gist. I live for these 10 minute breaks. So far I’ve been spending the little time I have on this post, typing as much as I can before the 10 minute mark is up.

Working (5)

And I’m listening to Mozart at high volume on repeat to stay focused. After going through my playlist at least a half-dozen times, it’s starting to lose it’s effect.


DONE! I’ve reviewed chapters 1-4 and I’m ready for my final Tuesday/Thursday! I still have to make flashcards, and memorize them, and do a few practice problems, but I can do that tonight.

On another note, here’s some necklaces a made a little while ago. I could make these all day. But I don’t because making these necklaces is a very long process. First, whenever I find a shell or rock on vacation I save it. And it sits in my suitcase or coat pocket for months until I find it and set it on my dresser. It remains on my dresser until I get a burst of inspiration and turn it into a pendant using wire. And back onto the dresser it goes because I don’t have a chain for it.

Here are the lucky few that made it through the last obstacle.

Shell (4)

I might get back to my regular schedule of posting 2X weekly by Wednesday, maybe. You can count on it by winter break though.


I have been doing so much homework this week. Which is frustrating because it takes so much time and it’s my week off.



These are my sharpen-able pencils, interesting yes? This post is a mishmash of all my distractions.



Homework (3)

I set up my station, with much care, much more than I should’ve given it.Homework (4)

I worked for 20 minutes and then reset the timer. It’s a weird was to keep time, but it kept me working.

Light (1)Legs (1)

Here’s Mary’s arm. She has this doodle that she redraws almost every day.

M-Armdoodle (3)

R-11-23 (1)

R-11-23 (2)


R-11-23 (5)

Guess what, my homework still isn’t done.