Section 1.3 Every Odd Problem.

Why do I love all the doodles I do in my math book? And when I open my sketchbook I can’t do a thing?

doodleincalcnb (1)

doodleincalcnb (2)

Maybe it’s because I am concentrating so hard on my math, that when I take a break to draw, I’m not thinking about making the doodle look like the picture in my head because there isn’t one.

Or maybe it’s murphy’s law.

Hot Hot Hot

The weather will be in the 90s for the rest of the week. It’s murphy’s law; once school starts, summer weather begins. Yesterday was my first day of school and Mary and Thomas began on Tuesday. I only had half my classes, periods 1, 3, 5, and 7, because my school district has absorbed and A/B day schedule.

Here am I on my first day of school, class of 2013!

1st day 2011 (1)

And Mary, class of 2017.

1st day 2011 (8)

And Thomas, class of 2016.

1st day 2011 (6)

Here’s the typical teenage pose, can’t get off her phone for even a quick snap of a camera!

1st day 2011 (2)

Seems like I managed to get off my phone to get some pictures that showed my face.

1st day 2011 (3)

Get close.

1st day 2011 (5)

But not to close!

1st day 2011 (4)

Up close and personal.

1st day 2011 (7)

I’ve got the other half of my classes today, it’s time to get used to 4 – 90 minute classes a day.