Who: Me

What: 2 new patterns

Where: From Joann’s

And: SHOUTOUT to Margaret and Samantha, thanks for the Joann’s gift cards! This is what they were redeemed for:


I cannot wait to start these.

So many squares!

Has anyone else ever done this? Fill up a sheet of graph paper with patterns? I used to do this for hours, because it takes hours. But once it’s done, I’m so glad that I did it. This square pattern was fun because every time I finish a new “level” it looked better and better.

graph paper pictures 015

graph paper pictures 030

And here is the final results. It has some varying squares because I made some mistakes. But I like it this way.

graph paper pictures 045

Here’s Mary’s. It’s amazing how just the different colors changes it so much.

graph paper pictures 024

graph paper pictures 026

graph paper pictures 031

I didn’t get a full picture of hers. But here’s a finished square.

graph paper pictures 041


For 25¢ I got a pattern from 1984 which I plan to use to the full extent. Making as many pairs of shorts as I can.001