Another Sketch Update! There’s a few drawings that aren’t out of the ordinary, a few out of magazines. But then I have 4 pictures that are different. You might recognize them if you go to Franklin. I’ll explain when you get to them.

Parker Bella – Whose family was featured in a Better Homes and Gardens spread.

 Zac Efron

 Tom Cruise, contemplating his split with Katie


 Here come the four pictures. I love drawing portraits, but my problem is that I need my subjects to be still and facing me. That doesn’t come often in my day-to-day. I’ve tried magazines, hence Parker Bella, Zac, and Tom, but magazine pictures are mostly either to small, airbrushed, or at weird angles. SO yesterday morning I flipped through my yearbook.

This is Samantha. Freshman.

 This is Emma. Sophomore.

 This is Lanny. Junior.

This is Mara. Senior.


As usual, click on the picture for a bigger image.